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An Open Architecture
Threat Detection and Engagement, Autonomous Driving and Communications Ecosystem
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Empowering modern Defence with AI-driven precision, autonomous navigation, and interconnected command for unparalleled battlefield superiority.

horas TDE

Threat detection and engagement

At Advent Atum, we're pioneering the future of defence technology with our flagship solution: the Threat Detection and Engagement (TDE) system. Merging the cutting edge of artificial intelligence with robust telemetric insights and intuitive interfacing, the TDE system is engineered to redefine operational superiority on the modern battlefield.

Precise Engagement

The heart of the TDE system lies in its intelligent fire control capabilities. Like a vigilant gunner, it utilises advanced AI to identify, track, and engage threats at speed. From detecting subtle movements in challenging terrains to making split-second decisions on engaging threats, the TDE system ensures that every action is precise and purposeful.​


1. Sight and weapon system agnostic

2. Modular to support multiple sensor inputs

3. Detect, recognise, prioritise and track multiple threats passively.

4. Automatically plot detected threats on in-service BMS or mapping systems

5. Designed to be easily integratable with legacy and future systems

6. HORAS TDE improves in functionality during its service life. Rewarding an early service life to its users. 

7. Designed for MIL STD, GVA compliance, GRASA and Land Data Model Compliance

8. Training simulator included to match your specific weapon system or platform.

9. Future-ready hardware designed for a long service life.



HORAS™ is Advent Atum's core product in development, which is a platform agnostic Al software and hardware package to support semi and fully autonomous operations. Designed with plug-and-play capability in mind, supporting off the shell defence and commercial sensor platforms. It will support autonomous driving functionality, real-time reconnaissance using computer vision, and more. 

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