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Media Release Sydney, Australia – 8 April 2024 For Advent Atum, an Australian-based defence technology start-up focusing on developing intelligent fire control systems, joining the NVIDIA Inception program could offer several tangible and strategic benefits. Given NVIDIA's leadership in AI, GPU technology, and deep learning, here's how the Inception program could specifically benefit such a company:

  1. Access to Cutting-edge Technology  Advent Atum could gain access to NVIDIA's latest GPU technology and deep learning platforms, crucial for developing and running sophisticated AI models required for intelligent fire control systems. NVIDIA's technology could significantly accelerate processing and analysis times, leading to more efficient and accurate systems.

  2. Technical Support and Expertise NVIDIA provides direct support from its experts, which could be invaluable for solving complex technical challenges. This access can help Advent Atum refine our AI models, optimise our computational algorithms, and enhance overall system performance.

  3. Training and Development Through the Inception program, the team at Advent Atum could access training on the latest AI and machine learning techniques, tools, and best practices. This knowledge can be directly applied to improve our product offerings.

  4. Marketing and Networking Opportunities NVIDIA Inception provides platforms for visibility among potential investors, customers, and partners through NVIDIA's marketing channels and events. For a startup like Advent Atum, this exposure could be critical for attracting investment, entering new markets, and establishing partnerships within the defense industry and beyond.

  5. Cloud Computing Credits Often, startups in the Inception program receive cloud computing credits, which could be particularly beneficial for a tech startup needing substantial computational power for training and deploying AI models.

  6. Collaborative Opportunities Being part of NVIDIA's ecosystem offers unique collaboration opportunities with other startups, research institutions, and industry leaders. This could lead to potential partnerships, collaborative development projects, or even co-creation of new technologies.

  7. Customised Resources:  NVIDIA Inception program tailors its resources to fit the specific needs of start-ups at various stages of development. For Advent Atum, this means getting support that aligns with our phases of product development and market penetration, ensuring relevant and impactful assistance.

In summary, for Advent Atum, leveraging the NVIDIA Inception program could accelerate our technology development, enhance our product capabilities, and potentially open new opportunities for growth and collaboration in the defence technology arena.

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Media Release

Sydney, Australia – 7 April 2024 In a landmark announcement that promises to redefine the boundaries of defence technology, Advent Atum, Australia's first Aboriginal owned defence technology start-up, has unveiled a strategic partnership with the newly minted DefenceX and its subsidiary, Astute Systems. This alliance focuses on the design, support, and manufacturing of custom HORAS edge compute solutions tailored for the innovative HORAS TDE intelligent fire control system.

Advent Atum is at the forefront of supplying advanced fire control systems within Australia, which allows it customers to upgrade its in service and future systems for counter UAS and automated engagement solutions for Remote Weapon Stations, Tanks and other platforms. The partnership with DefenceX, a nascent yet remarkably innovative player in the defence sector, signifies a pivotal advancement in the commercialisation and enhancement of military-grade technologies. A key feature of this collaboration is the emphasis on the HORAS TDE system's sight agnosticism, indicating a significant opportunity for sight suppliers to integrate their solutions with cutting-edge fire control systems.

DefenceX CEO Ross Newman working closely with Advent Atum Team. Source: Advent Atum

Andy Wilson, CEO of Advent Atum, highlighted the inclusive and forward-thinking approach of the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with DefenceX and Astute Systems not only signifies a leap in securing supply chains and technological advancements but also underscores our commitment to interoperability and open architecture in defence technology. The HORAS TDE system is designed to be sight agnostic, offering a versatile platform for sight and camera system suppliers, and radar suppliers both sovereign and worldwide. We strongly encourage suppliers to engage with us to explore how their solutions can be supported, enhancing the effectiveness and adaptability with HORAS TDE across various operational scenarios."

Multi Object Tracking Using Thermal Camera Source: Advent Atum

Ross Newman, CEO of DefenceX and the former chief engineer at Rheinmetall, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership's potential to foster innovation and inclusivity. "Joining forces with Advent Atum is a thrilling step forward. Their HORAS TDE system represents the pinnacle of fire control technology, and our collaboration aims to broaden its applicability and efficiency. We see this as an invitation to sight suppliers globally to contribute to a technology that promises to revolutionise the defence industry". "This partnership is not just about combining forces; it's about opening doors to widespread innovation and collaboration within the defence sector". By leveraging Advent Atum's groundbreaking technology with DefenceX's fresh perspective on defence solutions and Astute Systems' manufacturing capabilities, the alliance is poised to deliver unparalleled solutions in intelligent fire control systems, benefiting clients worldwide.

For more information on Advent Atum, and opportunities for sight/sensor suppliers, please contact:

Andy Wilson CEO, Advent Atum

About Advent Atum 

Advent Atum stands as Australia's first Aboriginal owned and operated defence technology company, specialising in the development and supply of advanced fire control systems. With innovation and excellence at its core, Advent Atum aims to enhance global defence capabilities, offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the diverse needs of modern military operations.


HORAS TDE is one of the product offerings from its HORAS ecosystem. HORAS TDE stands for High Order Reinforced Autonomous System – Threat Detection and Engagement. HORAS TDE is an AI backed advanced fire control system designed to support and integrate with legacy and future sights, sensors, and weapons platforms. HORAS TDE Hardware is 6x smaller and easily upgradable compared to existing systems in service. HORAS TDE offering provides customers a solid through life support model to guarantee leading edge in capability improvements for years to come.  

About DefenceX  DefenceX emerges as an innovative Brisbane-based start-up in the defence industry, committed to developing and delivering high-quality embedded software solutions. Together with its subsidiary Astute Systems, focuses on providing the best in class edge compute hardware, DefenceX is dedicated to setting new standards in technology and service, driving progress in the defence sector.

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12 Sep 2022

Holsworthy, NSW - Advent Atum, an Aboriginal Owned and Operated Defence Technology SME, and Defence Industry Supplier EDEA Energy are excited to announce their partnership to market and retail the 3Kwh EnRG™ G2 Portable Power Station.

The EnRG™ G2 is designed for anyone who needs a powerful and portable energy solution and can provide reliable energy wherever it is needed

EDEA Energy gives 10% of its profit toward supporting remote communities that suffer from energy poverty with a focus on outback communities. Advent Atum is a First Nations Supplier to access these remote communities.

Image: Franca Mazzarella

"This partnership is a great opportunity for both Advent Atum and EDEA Energy." says Andrew (Andy) Wilson, Managing Director of Advent Atum.

"We're confident that this partnership will result in positive outcomes for both businesses and for the people who need access to reliable energy sources". "Partnering with Advent Atum allows us to do just that." Says Mark Tipping CEO of EDEA Energy.

To celebrate the partnership EDEA Energy and Advent Atum are running a celebratory promotion to receive $500 off your purchase of an EnRG™ G2 by using the code ADVENT500. Click on the link to make an order

The two companies are also collaborating on the HORAS AI System and the Proteus Project.

Image: Advent Atum

"We are looking forward to working with EDEA Energy on the Proteus Project and on further additional projects” says Andy Wilson.

Earlier this year EDEA Energy signed a contract with Hanwha Defence to develop and test 6T NATO batteries in the Redback IFV, Hanwha’s contender for LAND400 Phase 3.

Further more information about Advent Atum or EDEA Energy, visit or

Keywords: Advent Atum; EDEA; Portable Power; Battery; Sovereign; Aboriginal Owned; Technology; 3kwh; heavy duty; Proteus; horas

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