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Advent Atum Pty Ltd, founded in July 2021, is a product of the prestigious D.Start incubators run by DSTG, Spark, Ignite, and Fuze. From these foundations, we've emerged as creators of autonomous defence and specialised commercial platforms, products, and systems, always intertwining traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology and promoting diversity within the tech sphere.

Our solutions are driven by the most advanced AI technologies, incorporating computer vision, radar, acoustics, and deep learning algorithms. We're continually exploring and embracing state-of-the-art technology to craft solutions that exceed industry standards and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Our mission is clear and ambitious: we aim to rapidly advance defence and commercial industry capabilities, focusing on autonomy and sustainability. As a majority Aboriginal Owned company, we uphold this mission with pride, harmonising the wisdom of tradition with the innovation of technology.


At Advent Atum, diversity and inclusion form the bedrock of our corporate culture. As a majority Aboriginal Owned company, we cherish our roots and see diversity not as a mere buzzword but as a key driver of innovation and progress. We embrace diversity in all its forms - cultural, cognitive, and experiential. This is reflected in our team, where different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas coexist, fostering a rich environment for creativity and problem-solving.

We understand that to truly innovate, we must be open to a diversity of opinions. We welcome differing views, knowing that it's through the fusion of various perspectives that the most effective and innovative solutions are born.

Our Sustainability Goals

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We recognise the environmental impacts of our operations and work steadfastly to reduce our footprint. Our goal is to be as carbon-neutral as practicable from 'wheel-to-well,' a comprehensive approach that allows us to measure, understand, and reduce carbon emissions across all stages of our operations.

Our mission is clear and ambitious: to advance defence and commercial industry capabilities, focusing on autonomy and sustainability, all while embracing and celebrating diversity. With our sights set on the horizon, we remain at the forefront of technological advancements, breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Advent Atum - we're more than a company; we are the architects of a sustainable, diverse, and innovative future.


We are working on developing a platform to power the next generation of sensors and directed energy weapons systems

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HORAS™ stands for High Order Reinforced Autonomous System, Advent Atum's core product in development. HORAS™ is a platform agnostic AI software and hardware package to support semi and full autonomous operations. Designed with plug-and-play capability in mind, supporting off the shelf defence and commercial sensor platforms.

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Developing the next generation of Unmanned Ground Vehicles to support the small, smart and many shift in power (mass) projection.

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